Public Colleges

What is a Public University?

Most public colleges in the U.S. are funded and operated by state governments. Public universities generally have less control over setting admissions policies, since they are operated by state governments. Each state has at least one university system where policies are set at the State level.

Tuition and fees at public colleges are typically less than private colleges because they are subsidized by the government. States generally charge higher fees to students who are not considered to be residents (called out-of-state students).

Benefits of Public Colleges

Many public universities are home to state-of-the-art medical, agricultural and science centers. State funding gives many public colleges the money they need to develop large facilities and projects that benefit not only the state, but students and professors as well.

If you attend a public college in your state of residence, you will likely benefit from a lower education price tag than a private college. Just remember, public colleges generally have higher enrollment and more students per professor, so your classes are less likely to be small and personalized.

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